Handmade Phishing Simulations

We train employees to recognize phishing attacks with elaborate simulations that leave a lasting impression.

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~ Phishing

Phishing emails are harmful and designed to extract sensitive information from your employees, 30% of all phishing emails are opened [1].

>_ How we Protect

office space with training

1. Simulation

Phishermen sends harmless phishing emails to your employees.

office space with training

2. Discussion and Recognition

Phishing turns into a discussion topic: employees are confronted with the dangers and learn to recognize phishing attacks.

office space with training

3. Protection

Security conscious employees represent continuous protection from real phishing attacks.

Crowdsourced, but handmade

All of our simulations are designed by hand to look like real phishing attacks. That way our simulations are just as ingenious as the criminals we protect you against.


Easy and designed for your existing workflow

No more complex dashboards or confusing documentation. The Phishermen do all the work for you and send a clear monthly report to your inbox.

Step by step with the whole company

Phishing attacks use many different techniques. Our simulation curriculum is designed to teach your employees a new type of attack every month.


>_ The Phishermen

We are the Phishermen; from left to right Alexander Overvoorde, Robert Carosi, and Ad van der Veer.

We founded Phishermen after winning the Dutch Chamber of Commerce hackathon and the Ready to Startup course at the YES!Delft incubator. Our mission is to tackle the human factor of protecting companies against phishing attacks and we cooperate with The Hague Security Delta to accomplish this.

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